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The Brilliance of BDMS

The Brilliance of BDMs The employment of a property management Business Development Manager is one of the most hotly debated issues right now in agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand. Kevin Turner interviewed Australasia’s leading expert on real estate agency best practice, Robert Bevan, about the role of a BDM in property management.   Introducing […]

Property Management In A Real Estate Business

Property Management In A Real Estate Business   I meet a lot of real estate people in my role with the Ray White Group, and sometimes the stories I hear are too good not to share. Here’s one highlighting the importance of property management from someone who came into the real estate industry with no preconceptions….I hope you […]

Written References Getting The Rental Property You Want

Written References – Getting The Rental Property You Want Now more than ever it’s difficult to find and secure the right rental property. The very best properties, those which are well presented, well marketed and well priced, can have up to 40 groups of potential tenants (and sometimes even more) show up for the first […]

Ray White CBD Residential

Ray White CBD Residential has acquired inner city rental business Marshall of Brisbane, expanding its foothold in the inner city residential rental market. Ray WhiteThe acquisition of Mashall of Brisbane is the second for the Ray White CBD Residential in less than a year after it merged with TriCity Realty in December. An extra 65 […]

Its Not Rocket Science

It’s not rocket science Property managers are often perplexed by the seemingly long list of requests from tenants, however, as Kathryn Massey explains, working out what tenants really want and need is a matter of common sense – no rocket science required, just good old fashioned customer service.   People rent properties for many different […]

Inspect to validate insurance claims

Inspect to validate insurance claims  A routine property inspection when a landlord takes out insurance cover could determine whether a future landlord insurance claim is paid and/or the amount that is paid.   When taking over management of a new property and/or at the time a landlord places insurance, a thorough inspection by the property […]

S.A.D.- Key to Boosting Rental Returns During Times of Higher Costs

S.A.D.- Key to Boosting Rental Returns During Times of Higher Costs The acronym S.A.D. highlights three key features that will help ensure home investors achieve the maximum return from their investment. According to Mr Cox, the median weekly rent for a house in Perth remained steady at around $370 during the June quarter 2010. With […]

Show you care

Show You Care Whether you’re in sales or property management, your image is a powerful tool in building relationships. One of the most effective ways to show you care about your customers is to show you care about yourself. Elena Reed explains how to increase your “care factor” by the way you dress.   “When […]

Double your rent roll

Double your rent roll We’re all looking for new ways to increase the rent roll. Sometimes all it takes is some fresh thinking applied to existing business practices and the results begin to show. Ian Grace takes a two part approach to doubling your rent roll.   Lesson 1: They are not “landlords” – and […]

Leighton Walters Business Development Manager True Property

Leighton Walters – Business Devp Manager – True Property Leighton Walters has a passion for people and service. He found that his role in property management enabled him to establish a charity and help less fortunate people. He is now urging other property management professionals to do the same.   Leighton, how has your career […]